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Technical Capabilities

Dental Technologies, Inc. is dedicated to excellence in research & development, manufacturing, in-depth testing, efficient packaging, and personalized service. We are committed to improving existing products and adding new products. We can assist your company in expanding your product line as well.

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  1. Research and Development

    Research and Development


    <p>Dental Technologies, Inc. is a company at the leading edge of material development for the professional oral-care industry. Our chemists have an extensive range of ability to bring your concepts and ideas into reality, modify or improve your existing product, and to work together with your development team on joint products.</p>
    <p>Supported in part by a grant from the National Science Foundation, our research strives to uncover novel approaches to innovative products. Our abilities are proven by our successful development of over 500 formulas. Working with the understanding of market requirements, we utilize a team approach to meet the ever changing demands and deadlines.</p> Learn More
  2. Analytical Testing

    Analytical Testing


    Our chemists are supported by a sophisticated array of analytical equipment enabling them to perform:

    •Color Spectrophotometry
    •High-Performance Liquid Chromotography
    •Gas Chromotography
    •Ion Chromotography
    •FTIR Spectrometry
    •Mechanical Properties Testing
    •Classic Wet Chemistry
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  3. Microbiology



    <p>Our completely equipped in-house Microbiological Laboratory has fully developed Bacterial Control Testing Programs to ensure the quality and shelf life of your products.  Several functions performed by our Micro Lab include:</p>
    •Water Testing
    •Sanitation Procedures
    •Environmental Monitoring
    •Detection and Identification of Micro-Organisms
    •Swab Test Monitoring of Equipment
    •In-coming Raw Materials Testing
    •Finished Goods Testing
    •Stability Testing
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  4. Quality Control / Quality Assurance

    Quality Control / Quality Assurance


    Our Quality Systems, as certified to the ISO 9001 standard, continuously monitors your product beginning with incoming inspection of raw materials and packaging components through batching, filling, and shipping. Every product is subject to rigorous, well-documented testing procedures to ensure high standards.

    Our Quality Assurance inspectors are responsible for inspecting all areas of production from material compounding to packaging. Our Quality Assurance team takes great care to ensure all components and labeling meet required specifications. Learn More
  5. Manufacturing Excellence

    Manufacturing Excellence


    Depend on Dental Technologies, Inc. to handle flexible manufacturing for everything from short runs to full-scale, continuous production. We have the capability to handle your largest runs, yet we are flexible enough to attend to every minute detail.

    Our in-house packaging and design department has the experience to assist you throughout your packaging design process. From jars to tubes, we can design the most innovative package to match your exact needs.
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  6. Regulatory Affairs

    Regulatory Affairs


    Regulatory Affairs is an essential part of our business. Dental Technologies, Inc. focuses heavily on making safe and effective dental products available worldwide. Our team has designed an outstanding quality and regulatory system with a strong focus on research and development, clinical testing and trials, all parts of production, as well as labeling and packaging specifications. Learn More

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